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torsdag 22. januar 2009

Cat lady?

Here I am feeding my kitties snacks. As you can see they just love it! On my lap is Boheme, Tiger and Rustique, Taiga and Bagheera is waiting, Summer is sitting behind them and Bissan on the floor. My teenage daughter was calling me cat lady while she took this photo, and laughing
Here are three lovely girls posing toghether. Summer on the left, Rustique in the middle with mummy Bissan on the right

Here is another one of Summer. Rustique in the background.

Blå Rock is enjoying the blancket on top of the dog cage. He has such a lovely white belly

This is Bagheera, she likes to sleep in the sofa. Preferably in her humans favourite place.

Here is a photo of all kittens toghether. Bissan is in the background and Bagheera is on the left

2 kommentarer:

Ororina sa...

Your daughter might be right. The first photo reminds me on the Bird Lady in "Home Alone2"

Mandy Lou sa...

For et knalltøfft cat-lady bilde! Og stakkars voffsen som sitter i bur bakom der. ;)