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lørdag 24. januar 2009

A wish from a little girl

I found this drawing today, and it's no question about who or what it resembles. Notice the little kitten still inside it's mother. Bagheera is Thereses special cat, and she really is looking forward to her getting kittens.

Taiga and Tiger, I think it looks like Taiga is looking forward to be a father againt too?

But judging from these flurtatious scenes Bagheera is still not pregnant? I'm not sure, but
She loves her handsome boyfriend
He on the other hand struggles with her long fur...

And then, an answer to a question on which camera I use. I use this camera, a Nikon d 70s, and think it suits my needs perfectly.

2 kommentarer:

Ororina sa...

Det var ei nydelig tegning! Hun regner med det blir et stort kull? ;-)

Sissel sa...

Ja, hun gjør visst det, hihi