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tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Boy or girl

As always I get inspired and steal ideas from my friends. Ororina has taken boy & girl photos of her kittens, as she is sometimes confused about the sexes. Actually she once sent me an email asking for my opinion about the sexes of some of her kittens. All boys she thought. I opened the attached photos, and very cute abyssinian kittens were looking back at me from my computer screen. I had to email her back and ask for photos of the other end... She of course had sent me the wrong photos, LOL

Well, finally I got the right photos, and I was just as puzzled as she was. Normally I sex my kittens when they are newborn, and these were about a week old. I guessed for some girls, some boys and some were neither boy nor girl in my opinion. It turned out in the end all were girls.

It is not easy to sex kittens it turns out. I even have heard of male kittens sold for breeding, with a health certificate from a vet saying it is a male, and that both testicles are in place. After a while in it's new home it turns out it's a girl after all. ROFL

So today, I took some photos of my kittens at 11 weeks now. I will take some more of coming litters at an earlier age too. Hopefully this can be of help to new breeders.

The photomodels are Ramp, Tiger and Rustique. Tiger and Ramp were ok with me taking the photos, altough they did not really enjoy it, but Rustique did not want pictures of her private parts being displayed on the internet as she told me in very big words!!!
So please, hush - don't tell her about this post. It's for a good cause

Girl 11 weeks

Boy 11 weeks
Different boy


3 kommentarer:

S*Ja Znaju, Scrappar Liv sa...

Is this supposed to be "houseclean" ;-)
Wonderful pic.s as usual.

Ororina sa...

Hehe, not so easy all the time. Usually, it's easiest to see it when they are newborn, but... not always...

About the vet who found balls on the female cats... I really hope he found himself a new job - haha!

Sissel sa...

Ororina, I'm afraid not :0)