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mandag 19. januar 2009

Tiger is not so small anymore, he is a fierce tiger now

The dog cage is a perfect sleeping place for the cats, here's Taiga (front), Bissan (right) and Summer (left) taking a nap together.

Here's little Tiger sleeping togheter with his dad in "Taiga-style" (on his back). My daughter is interfering
Tiger is showing his wild side. I will catch that finger, he sais
How can a little Tiger be so cute?
Wow, I finally caught it!!

Sorry Suzana, but your finger doesn't taste any good *blæh*

One say you should always whatch what's in the background before you take photos. Here Taiga is having a thorough cleaning, and what should not be publicly shown will become evident if you enlarge the photo by cliking on it...

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Ororina sa...

Taiga er en ekte søting! Men så er de jo herlige når de er i den alderen også da :-D