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fredag 23. januar 2009

Now it's final!

I'm so happy to have met somebody who takes naming as seriously as I do, I love naming the kittens and I put a lot of tought into it. This litter was different, I just gave them the first theam that fell into my head. Well, now I got an email from Rustique and Bohemes new owner, she had red my blog (or mail?). She was worried about Boheme getting a different name than the rest, and also different types of Salvie (sage) have different usages. Not all are healthy, some are used as drugs and some are just for decoration.
And then another lovely tought: it would be nice to name the kittens from their father as we all want his genes to be the strongest from this cobination.

So now the new names looks like this, and this is final :0)

(N)Solstorm's Boheme Salvina Taiganova
(N)Solstorm's Rustique Salvia Taiganova
(N)Solstorm's Blå Rock Salvian Taiganov
(N)Solstorm's Kaos Salvian Taiganov
(N)Solstorm's Ramp Salvian Taiganov
(N)Solstorm's Tiger Salvian Taiganov

I'm pretty happy with them, thank you Wenche. Don't be surprised if I ask you about names for my next litter too :0)

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