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søndag 4. januar 2009

Another photo boom

Another photo of my love Taiga. I'm just so in love with this handsome boy, as my daugther put it: "He's looking so royal "

Summer is not easy to photograph. She's only 6 months old and still very playful. She will point her ears upright when she sees a toy, and then they look very out of place and too big on her. But this photo shows off her beautiful pattern. I also love the expression on her in this photo. So cute, but still a killer.
As I said above, a real killer...
But still so cute <3 align="left">This is little Tiger, I wonder if Merja thinks he looks like grandad Gordi. Same colour, and so many other likenesses to his fathers side of the family ( doesn't like blitzlight and likes sleeping on his back like daddy). He is very found of me, since I am the main provider of special food for him. He is still much smaller than his siblings but is coming around really nicely now. I love his expression :0)

Rustique is the nicest "person" ever, she loves to cuddle and is a real purrball. She has beautiful coloring and a beautiful pattern.
Well, pretend you didn't see this one, she is a little rascal sometimes also ;0)
Ramp is and has been my all time favourite. He is so photogenic also.
To me it seems like Ramp is getting a much colder colour than daddy?
This is Kaos in front, with daddy Taiga and little Tiger in the back. Kaos is a big and strong boy already. It feels like a sausage when you pick him up, really stuffed and nice as a little sibirian shoud be
Boheme is SO LOVELY! I think she will be a real sibirian beauty. The photos doesn't do her justice, she is A LOT cuter in real life
She is cute as a doll
Blå Rock is also one of the fat stuffed guys, and he is very beautiful. He is always busy discovering something, I probably should have named him Columbus...

That's all for this time :0)

2 kommentarer:

Guro sa...

Så søte kattungne er :) blå Rock er favoritten min!

Aino sa...

Oh my, Taiga's eyes! Very like Gordi's, and I think Tiger will resemble Gordi even more, with that colouring.