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lørdag 3. januar 2009

Thanks to my parents...

...who gave me a new lamp for Christmas and "brightened up my day", or at least my livingroom. I now am able to take more photos again. We don't have sunlight in winter here in the north of Norway, and I have been quite frustrated with my blurry catphotos for a while. Some of the ones I present here are blurry too, the cats don't always respond well to me running around in my livingroom dragging my new lamp behind me. Sometimes you just have to shoot then and there.

Summer decided to pose with Taiga on his favourite sleeping chair, and I just had to take a photo
Taiga is taking a bath. Isn't he cute?
Three of the kittens were different types of black, and three was different types of blue.
This are my "black-gang". Black w/white, black macrel tabby w/white and black torbie.

Here they are posing with their beautiful mummy
One of the few nice photos of Bagheera I have managed to shoot. Thanks to some more light she looks beautiful in this photo, and very much like herself. Sadly there is some clutter on her side, but when it comes to Bagheera photos I can live with that :0)

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