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lørdag 31. januar 2009

Summer and Taiga

Look how beautiful Summer is, she is 7 months next week and already a big and strong femaleAnd she knows she's beautiful
This is how a real princess rests. Anyone heard the story "The princess and the pea"?
Taiga has a real sad look sometimes, it comes from him trying to avoid being blinded from the light
Gorgeous profile, and look at his fur - it's wonderful
Daddy Taiga and little Blå Rock

But what is this???? This is the result of defrosting Maks's dogfood in the sink. This is pure meat, and for sibirians it's totally unresistable. Lucky for them they already know how to unwrap it and dig in... Thanks for sharing with the dog by the way ;0)

fredag 30. januar 2009

Bye bye

Yesterday Kaos and Tiger left for their new home in Bodø, everything has gone well. Kaos is a little shy at the moment, but hopefully he'll come around soon.

Today Rustique and La Boheme left for their new home in Narvik. They will live toghether with two sibirians an three housecats. They will be back later to be spayed.

Ramp and Blå Rock will stay a little longer, and be neutered before they leave. It feels a little empty here, but it's so nice to get to know new people and also it is nice to find things where I left them. With 6 little sibirian rascals things are never where they are supposed to be, at least not if the kittens can manage to move it, LOL

onsdag 28. januar 2009

Two lucky boys

Here are all four of our beautiful boys. First Blå Roc, Kaos and Ramp

And little Tiger. Tiger has found a new home, and will move to Bodø toghether with his big brother Kaos. I am soooo happy for them both!! :0)

tirsdag 27. januar 2009

Kittens expected in March!

(N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge
IC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga, SIB n 23

Today I found bright pink tits on Bagheera, or (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge so this means she is pregnant. The father of course is Taiga, or IC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga.
Taiga is carrying solid colour and dillution. Bagheera might very well be carrying dillution as well since she has several blue halv sisters and brothers. She is also of course carrying silver.

So, the kittens might be
- Black & blue
- Black- & blueagouti
- Black- & bluesmoke
- Black- & bluesilver

I can hardly wait for this litter to be born!!

I have fallen in love

This girl is a seven month old housecat. She was going to be put to sleep, but somebody saved her. Now she needs a new home. I think she is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen and hope somebody has the opportunity to offer her a good home. She lives in the nort of norway (Helgeland) at the moment. Interested?

mandag 26. januar 2009

Discovering the world at 12 weeks

Taiga is a cuddler, and what is better if you like to cuddle than little kittens? Taiga knows this, and I think he is secretly proud they all are named after him now.

Here is Taiga with Ramp Salvian Taiganov and Boheme Salvina Taiganova

And here he is with Kaos Salvian Taiganov, Ramp Salvian Taiganov, Tiger Salvian Taiganov and Rustique Salvia Taiganova
Here he is with Ramp Salvian Taiganov and Kaos Salvian Taiganov
And yes, he is changing dipers too

Ramp Salvian Taiganov and Tiger Salvian Taiganov

Yes, Ramp is playful too!
And "oh so cute"

Boheme Salvina Taiganova is just a little furry ball, she actually fell asleep sitting like this

Blå Rock Salvian Taiganov fell asleep in the dog cage after finishing half the bone... (just kidding about the bone, but it looks quite funny, LOL)

søndag 25. januar 2009

Tiger is still for sale

Two families has been dissapointed now, they are allergic to cats and cannot take home this little charmer after all. So our smallest little rascal is still availible and waiting for his new home.

lørdag 24. januar 2009

A wish from a little girl

I found this drawing today, and it's no question about who or what it resembles. Notice the little kitten still inside it's mother. Bagheera is Thereses special cat, and she really is looking forward to her getting kittens.

Taiga and Tiger, I think it looks like Taiga is looking forward to be a father againt too?

But judging from these flurtatious scenes Bagheera is still not pregnant? I'm not sure, but
She loves her handsome boyfriend
He on the other hand struggles with her long fur...

And then, an answer to a question on which camera I use. I use this camera, a Nikon d 70s, and think it suits my needs perfectly.

Good idea

Just wanted to share this funny ad :0)

fredag 23. januar 2009

New toy

I bought a new toy for my kittens today, a very cute mouse who makes a bird-like noise almost every time it gets touched. The little ones went crazy :0)

Can I reach it?

Yes I can, but can I catch it??
Summer is facinated
Rustique tries to kill it upside down
Does it taste good?
Ok, I'll look cute for a moment (look at my eartufts!)
Ramp, what can I say - he is so lovely
He loves to play with an almost real mouse
Did I kill it??
I SO want to kill you!
Blå Rock is enjoying mummys company
Rustique and Kaos is resting togheter
Boheme is such a picture of her mother!

Now it's final!

I'm so happy to have met somebody who takes naming as seriously as I do, I love naming the kittens and I put a lot of tought into it. This litter was different, I just gave them the first theam that fell into my head. Well, now I got an email from Rustique and Bohemes new owner, she had red my blog (or mail?). She was worried about Boheme getting a different name than the rest, and also different types of Salvie (sage) have different usages. Not all are healthy, some are used as drugs and some are just for decoration.
And then another lovely tought: it would be nice to name the kittens from their father as we all want his genes to be the strongest from this cobination.

So now the new names looks like this, and this is final :0)

(N)Solstorm's Boheme Salvina Taiganova
(N)Solstorm's Rustique Salvia Taiganova
(N)Solstorm's Blå Rock Salvian Taiganov
(N)Solstorm's Kaos Salvian Taiganov
(N)Solstorm's Ramp Salvian Taiganov
(N)Solstorm's Tiger Salvian Taiganov

I'm pretty happy with them, thank you Wenche. Don't be surprised if I ask you about names for my next litter too :0)

torsdag 22. januar 2009

Cat lady?

Here I am feeding my kitties snacks. As you can see they just love it! On my lap is Boheme, Tiger and Rustique, Taiga and Bagheera is waiting, Summer is sitting behind them and Bissan on the floor. My teenage daughter was calling me cat lady while she took this photo, and laughing
Here are three lovely girls posing toghether. Summer on the left, Rustique in the middle with mummy Bissan on the right

Here is another one of Summer. Rustique in the background.

Blå Rock is enjoying the blancket on top of the dog cage. He has such a lovely white belly

This is Bagheera, she likes to sleep in the sofa. Preferably in her humans favourite place.

Here is a photo of all kittens toghether. Bissan is in the background and Bagheera is on the left